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We make everything Perfectly Pictured

State Correctional Facility Post Constru

Post Construction

Rough construction is phase 1 of any construction project takes place about 1/2 through the o-ver-all project. 

This phase consists of removing debris, construction waste and dusting, mopping, and vaccuming.


Phase 2 is the final clean up stage of the project.  This takes place when all contractors (and subcontractors) are complete with their respective trade.  This phase consists of the finishing touches, leaving everything smelling new and fresh, shine and sparkly and dust free. 

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AirBnB/Short Term Rentals

From AirBnB, Villas, Rentals, to Vacation Homes, Beach Fronts, and Staging rental property, we will definitely set your property apart from the competition and help you attract the right tenants. Our furnishing services take into account location, amenities, all unique and most popular features, type of listing, and more.  We will unlock your rental potential.


Keep in mind, renters are looking for a home away from home or a temporary stay, not an empty box.  The more you can convey a sense of home and show how nice the unit looks furnished, the faster you may be able to rent your property.  Staging a rental for less than the cost of one month’s rent will get a great tenant in there quickly. 

Quality Control

This report is sent  via email or next day  delivery service to the homeowner after every exit clean. We will include pictures of the entire house, ensuring you can view the quality of our service.  The report will include any maintenance issues to take care when necessary.  If we find any issue related with the maintenance of the house, we will provide a reliable list of vendors to property owners to contact them as deemed necessary.


Call for a consultation 904-383-6441 or email to schedule your consultation.  


Decluttering & Organization

We will provide a “STRESS-FREE FUNCTIONING SPACE” paring down items by eliminating the excess and creating clarity and over-all freedom.  We help you get your mind out of clutter and providing the gift of clarity to focus on more important things that matter.


We will provide a simple organized, distinct purpose and functional, clutter free environment.

Call us today at 904-383-6441 or click here or visit our staging website at for more information. 

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